Steps to Increase Testosterone

The first step to reversing gynecomastia naturally is increasing your testosterone level naturally through diet and exercise. You should:

  • Eat more healthy fats. Olive oil, avocados, coconut oil, lean red meat and eggs provide the fats and cholesterol your body uses to produce testosterone.
  • Eat or supplement your diet with zinc and vitamin D, as both are vital in testosterone production.
  • Eat less sugar. Sugar causes insulin spikes and insulin prevents testosterone production, which can cause gyno.
  • Lose weight. Fat slows or blocks testosterone production, so losing weight will allow for increased levels of testosterone.
  • Lift heavy weights or train intensely. Intense training stimulates a need for testosterone, and your body will produce it to meet that demand.
  • Use multi-joint exercises. Multi-joint compound movements also stimulate testosterone. Exercises like deadlifts and squats are best for promoting testosterone as they require the hormone, and your body will manufacture and release testosterone for that purpose.

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Dietary Approach to Increased Testosterone Levels

The next step in your program to get rid of gyno naturally is to eat more foods that have been shown to increase testosterone production, including:

  • Pomegranates
  • Oysters
  • Coconuts
  • Cruciferous vegetables
  • Whey protein
  • Garlic

Also, eat fewer foods that increase estrogen in males, because reducing estrogen will get rid of gynecomastia. Avoid the following foods:

  • Flax and flaxseeds – 100 grams of flax contains 380,000 micrograms of estrogen.
  • Soy and soy products – 100 grams of soybeans contains 103,000 micrograms of estrogen.
  • Peas and chickpeas – Most legumes are high in estrogen; chickpeas and hummus contain 1000 micrograms of estrogen per 100 grams.
  • Commercially packed meats – Meats that are fattened (force fed) at a packing plant or right before they are shipped to the slaughterhouse are forced to eat soy and corn high in estrogens and generally from GMO sources.
  • Milk and milk products – A dairy cow must be pregnant to produce milk, or she may be treated with estrogen injections to fool her body into believing it is pregnant in order to maintain milk production. These hormones are passed to humans through meat, milk and dairy products.

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Estrogen in your bloodstream causes increased fat deposits in the chest. If a male body contains female estrogen hormones it will increase the development of fatty tissues in the breast, which increases your risk of man boobs. Losing weight will help, but is not enough to reduce male breasts if the underlying cause is a hormone imbalance. Balancing your hormones is critically important in order to get rid of gynecomastia fast and eliminate the need for reduction surgery.

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