How To Hide Man Boobs

Man boobs, or moobs, are slang terms for gynecomastia, a condition causing the occurrence of breasts on men. Gynecomastia is the result of either a hormonal imbalance of too much estrogen and too little testosterone or by an excess layer of chest fat.

Breast Tissue in Men

True gynecomastia is an enlargement of the male breast tissue and glands because of a hormonal imbalance of estrogen, the female hormone, and testosterone, the male hormone. But the appearance of enlarged male breasts may be a result of pseudogynecomastia, a result of excess body fat which accumulates on the chest. The treatment of gynecomastia may involve medication or surgery.

Gynecomastia can be treated naturally through diet and exercise, or by surgery. Regardless of your treatment choice, until you cure or correct your moobs, you’ll be looking for ways to hide your gynecomastia. There are many options; most involve your clothing choices, and several involve “binding” or restricting the tissue. Consider these many options, given below and here.


Wear a compression shirt, a tight fitting, restrictive shirt that flattens and reshapes your chest to hide your moobs. Compression shirts are growing in popularity as sportswear; they are readily available, are designed to be tight and will provide a slimming effect to your entire upper body. They are easily the best way to hide man boobs and can be worn under an additional undershirt.

Compression vest


If you don’t have, or have access to, compression shirts, consider layering your clothing to hide man breasts.

Choose thicker fabrics as well. Start with a thicker undershirt in a darker fabric as your first layer. Thin fabrics, especially thin light-colored fabrics, do little to conceal your unwanted breasts, so stick with thicker and darker layers. Cover the undershirt with an open casual shirt, jacket or vest. Dark clothing makes you look slimmer, and the same applies to your boobs. Layers and sweaters work well and are always a great way to hide imperfections and hide gynecomastia.


Fabrics with patterns will help camouflage, conceal and hide gynecomastia. Small-scale patterns without too much color or contrast work best. T-shirts with large prints on the front covering the chest area are another way to help you hide your man breasts.


Loose and baggy clothing does not always hide flaws; it can actually make something appear bigger that you want to seem smaller. On the other hand, clothing that is too tight can be too revealing. A properly fitted undershirt followed by a dress or casual shirt can be your friend and the base for your style. If it doesn’t fit properly, spend a few dollars and have it altered.



Start wearing colors with LESS contrast between your upper and lower body. A dark shirt with light khaki pants or a white shirt and dark pants appear to cut you off at the beltline, making you appear shorter, wider and lumpy. Wearing more monochromatic clothing, like a black shirt with black jeans or slacks, will make you appear taller and slimmer. A dark shirt and slacks combination hides man boobs.


Avoid wearing white or light colors, as both will make your chest appear bigger. Additionally, white may not conceal any binding or taping that may be necessary under your clothing. Stick with darker colors and choose a starched, collared, thicker long-sleeved shirt when appropriate. White undershirts are acceptable if covered by additional shirts.


If you need to dress up, wear suits instead of slacks and a shirt, as suits are slimming because of the uniform color and texture of the two (or three) pieces. Don’t hesitate to wear a vest as it adds another layer to hide man boobs. Pinstripes help the appearance of vertical “flow” and creates a continuity from head to toe. Narrow pinstripes also do this well.

Striped Shirt

Compression Vests

It is now possible to purchase a compression vest that looks just like a suit vest. However, most compression vests are worn against the skin under an undershirt. The compression vest is generally a strong, moderately stretchy material cut like a tank top or vest and will be either a pullover or have a strong zipper. Both are relatively comfortable to wear. Your compression vest can flatten your breasts and even give you the appearance of having pecs, one of the best ways to hide gyno.


A slightly more drastic option, but elastic bandages and tape are another way to hide gynecomastia by squeezing and flattening your breasts. The advantage of this approach is that it raises and compresses the breast so that in some cases, depending on the shape and the degree of your man boobs, it looks like you have a muscular chest under your undershirts or suit.

Compression elastic bandages are also often used by people immediately after liposuction or similar surgical treatments. The bandages are designed to reduce the swelling and help you recover faster during your postoperative period and often require tape to secure them beneath your undershirt.

Sports Bra

The most drastic and potentially embarrassing (but effective) option is to wear a women’s sports bra under several layers of clothing. While you may think this is embarrassing, which is worse? Your man boobs being kept well-hidden and nobody knowing you’re wearing a women’s sports bra, OR your man boobs being out there for the whole world to see?

First you must find a sports bra that can help keep your pectoral (chest) fat in place while you wear it under your clothes. There are so many options out there that you can use to compress your upper body, but many people recommend, as unusual as it sounds, a women’s sports bra. This fairly comfortably stabilizes your chest fat so that your breasts don’t bounce around and get noticed under your clothing. In fact, it may be much easier for you to wear clothes now as long as the bra is hidden underneath your clothing. Your goal is to learn how to hide your man boobs and not expose your sports bra. It’s not something you would wear to the beach, but rather beneath a fitted undershirt.

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