All There Is To Know About a Gynecomastia Diet

When you walk around your town, have you ever come across men who seem to have abnormally large breast tissue? It is almost as if they actually have breast. Gynecomastia refers to this man boob condition. Most people confuse this with Pseudogynecomastia, which is a fatty chest condition brought about by obesity or being overweight. Unhealthy eating and lack of fitness escalates this condition and makes the two combine.

To avoid the conditions above, you must subscribe to a healthy eating regimen. Gynecomastia comes about through the imbalance of hormones in the body. Eating smart, in this case, will revolve around consuming foods that do not stimulate the female sex hormones in the male body. That is eating foods low in or lacking estrogen. Note that unhealthy eating is not the only cause of this condition. Other causes are a failure of the kidneys, hyperthyroidism, liver disease, excess intake of marijuana and alcohol, radiation and chemotherapy treatment, and malnutrition (for more details click here).

Gynecomastia Diet

What Is A Gynecomastia Diet?

This diet is low in fat, which aids in the reduction of body fat. This is because the body of a man suffering from this condition is genetically disposed to store fat around the chest area. In addition, this diet must be low in estrogen stimulating foods. This will help in reducing female sex hormones causing man boobs. This diet needs to include:

  • The presence of energy giving food that is low in fat to boost your exercise regimen. Healthy eating should accompany an effective exercise (for example recipe here)
  • Testosterone increasing foods

This condition is mostly prevalent in older and or obese men. This is because testosterone levels are at their peak at around the age of eighteen (18), they then keep heightening until the age of fifty (50) where they decline. The aim of gynecomastia diet is to boost and sustain the testosterone levels at that point. The idea is to play around with green vegetables and fruits using various recipes. This read will provide a recipe illustration below.

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