Getting Rid of Gyno

Getting rid of gyno requires much more than weight loss programs if the cause is more complicated than simple chest fat. Your weight loss program may prove beneficial in overall fat and weight loss, the cause of pseudogynecomastia, but not effective at eliminating gynecomastia caused by drugs or hormones.

Fortunately, there are other gynecomastia solutions and treatments that can be effective in helping you get rid of gynecomastia and eliminate the need for reduction surgery. Here are some of the best ways:

  • Herbal supplements – Several herbs and herbal teas have been found to be effective in reducing or preventing symptoms. Many of the effective supplements contain green tea, ginseng, and/or ginkgo biloba. Care should be taken as herbs can interact with certain prescription drugs in the same way that taking two different medications can interact with each other. If you are prescribed heart or blood pressure medications, consult your physician before you begin an herbal routine to avoid unsafe interactions.

Herbal supplements

  • Exercise – Another option to reverse or reduce gynecomastia includes targeted exercises designed to reshape and contour your chest. Chest exercises that can help include swimming, boot camps, aerobics and exercises targeted specifically for the chest. Combine these exercises with a strict low carb diet and herbal supplements in order to get the best results and eliminate the need for breast reduction surgery.

Your exercise program should include cardio training to reduce fat levels over your entire body as well as your chest. This should be followed by resistance training to improve lean muscle mass and targeted chest exercises to flatten and tone your pectorals (chest muscles). Your resistance training should include a combination of body weight and weight lifting exercises like push-ups and push-up variations, and presses like dumbbell or barbell bench presses.

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as spot reduction, or in this case, targeted chest training. Working only your chest muscles will not reduce the layer of chest fat that is adding to your man boobs. Work your entire body, starting with basic cardio on the treadmill, or jogging and warm-ups, and then follow up with full body training and finally those specific chest exercises that WILL strengthen, flatten and tone your entire chest, eliminating the need for breast reduction surgery.

  • Compression vest – A recent addition to gyno reduction options is compression vests for males with gynecomastia. You may hear them referred to as ‘man bras,’ but that is not an accurate description. The compression vest does not lift the breasts up, but rather flattens the chest completely. The vest was originally designed to be worn after gynecomastia surgery for an extended period until the chest has completely healed.

Compression vest

  • Chromium picolinate – A supplement found to be useful in weight loss and being researched as a possible aid in the reduction of gynecomastia, chromium picolinate increases glucose utilization by insulin. Many men have used the compound to lose weight, but chromium may be especially effective in getting rid of chest fat.

Chromium picolinate

Green tea – Green tea, and especially Matcha green tea, can be used as an effective treatment for weight loss and secondarily gynecomastia. The caffeine and polyphenols found in green tea can increase your body’s metabolic rate by as much as 4%, burning additional calories even when you are at rest.

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    • Clark Hansson Post authorReply

      Not to all, visit your doctor before trying chromium.

  1. Chia Reply

    Hi Clark, thanks for your work, can you say how much time do I need to reverse gyno?

    • Clark Hansson Post authorReply

      Hi, at least couple month to see first results.

  2. Lemmy Reply

    Thanks for sharing, using couple advices from the article and already see some effect on my chest.

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